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What to Expect

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What to Expect During Your First Visit

For your first visit with us, it is important for us to get to know each other a bit. Many dentists will just skip the chit chat and jump right into conducting an examination, but skipping this crucial step can prevent a dentist from being able to help their patients to their best ability.

The Dental Examination

A thorough examination of the teeth, lips, gums and full mouth area is also a part of a first visit. Your dentist will be checking to make sure that everything is developing as it should and can also identify issues such as a cavity that needs to be filled or gum disease. While examining your mouth, your dentist will also look for any signs of oral cancer. When found early, the survival rate of oral cancer rises 90%!

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Digital X-Rays

A full round of x-rays gives your dentist vital information about what is happening under the surface. X-rays can identify cavities in the teeth that are not visible from the outside and can also let your dentist know if there are issues under the gums, such as infected roots of a tooth. If your dentist discovers anything that may need a treatment or procedure to correct it, they can discuss the options and come up with a plan to fix it.

The Dental Cleaning

Lastly, a dental hygienist will completely clean your mouth, paying close attention to the built-up plaque, tartar and bacteria that brushing alone cannot remove. These cleanings are crucial for long lasting oral health since they clean where you can’t clean on your own!

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