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Cosmetic Contouring

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Cosmetic Contouring

Many patients will go through orthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth, and whitening treatments to brighten their smile but are still not happy with their smile. A common issue? A “gummy” smile that makes the teeth look shorter than they actually are. Many people think there is nothing to be done about this, but cosmetic contouring can help!

The gums are unique for each person, as is the growth of them. In some patients, the gums extend much further down the tooth, and sometimes does so in an uneven fashion, making some teeth appear longer than others.

Laser Cosmetic Contouring

In the past, dental contouring was a less pleasant treatment that required stitches and lengthy healing. However, advancements in the dental field have developed lasers that make soft tissue treatments like cosmetic contouring a smooth and easy process!

Lasers work by using a focused light to blast away gum tissue in small layers. Due to the extreme heat, lasers actually seal blood vessels and nerve endings as the procedure is being performed, which means the patient does not feel a thing and does not bleed. It seems like magic to watch the procedure performed, but the lasers quickly and efficiently remove the excess and unwanted gum tissue without causing any damage to the nearby teeth or lips.

With lasers used for cosmetic contouring, your dentist in Lumberton, TX can help lengthen your teeth and ensure they all look even through removing the excess tissue. You can walk out the office that day with your new smile without a lengthy healing time.

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